Hotmail Login : Signin Create New Account

Hotmail Login Process and Password Change: Hotmail is a free webmail service and it was created in the year 1996, nowadays Hotmail is known as This name change was done by Microsoft recently, so whenever you come across the word, don’t get confuse between Hotmail and as it represents the same meaning and service as well.

If you don't have a Hotmail account, then you can create it very easily without any difficulties. Just go to the Microsoft official website and click on create an account and filled up some of the necessary details and create the account. And while creating the account you must have the password right, as it is very important for the login process. Here in this article we will mostly refer you and guide you about the Login process and also change the Login password in your Hotmail account.
The login process of Hotmail and password change is quite confusing for a new user. Well, on that note, we have prepared a tutorial for a newbie. This tutorial will guide the newbie to log in their Hotmail account and then change their password whenever necessary. : Hotmail Login Signin Create New Account at

The login process is very easy just all you need is your valid email id which you have registered in Microsoft account and the right password. Follow the below process and-and Login into your Hotmail Account easily. So the process is-

  1. First and foremost, you have to open the link of Hotmail web page using any browser, it supports almost every browser excluding internet explorer browser. Some of the links are , and, click on any link and it will redirect you to the official login page.
  2. One important thing you should keep in your mind before visiting the log in link is that the web page of Hotmail may change in term of its design and layout. But there is nothing to get confused, just locate the specific section for log in your account.
  3. Now after clicking the above link you will find a login Page like the below image. All you have to do is enter your registered email and password after that click the sign in button. In case if you want to know another login process, then go through the below guide.

How to log in your Hotmail account if you don’t find the Login Field:

Sometimes, when you log in for the first time you will see a pop box displaying “Remember me on this computer”. If you click the yes on that pop up box, then you won’t find login field when you try to login back again.

So at that point of time, you will see only your email address, in order to locate the sign in option, you have to move your mouse cursor on top of your email address, after that, a sign in option will appear.Click on the sign in button and then enter your password in the password input field. Go through the below image to clarify the login process.

The above two process of Hotmail login is sufficient enough to understand the main process of Hotmail login. Now, if you think of changing your Hotmail password with few simple steps, then the below guide will help you to know about it.

How to Change Hotmail Password?

Hotmail password is essential for accessing your Email account and if you forget it, you won't be able to enter. Besides you can retrieve it, but the best way to keep the password remembered is by changing Hotmail passwords frequently. And changing the password also ensure you to make the password save from exposure to other people thus making sure your Login into the Hotmail is safe and secured. So the process for changing your Hotmail password is given below.

Important Note:

Since Hotmail is linked with Microsoft, your Hotmail password is also your Microsoft account password. This basically mean that for any kind of access to the Microsoft account such as Sky Drives or Skype and Windows 8.1, you will definitely need your Hotmail password to access all those services. So it is very important for you to keep the password safe within you, and should not be exposed to other for account safety. In case if you are concern about your account security, then you can request Microsoft to change your password after every 72 hours.

Conclusion : So these are the main fact by which you can log in to the and have the free account for yourself. If you don't have a Hotmail account, well you must get it now. The name Hotmail is actually being changed as recently, so if you Login to Hotmail then you will see the account.All of the above information regarding Hotmail login process and password change work perfectly fine. Just follow the steps carefully and then implement it when you are about to do practically. If you have any confusion or if there are drastic changes in the Hotmail login page then please feel free to drop your feedback.